Incontinence affects at least 50% of patients in resident care and long-term care facilities, according to the National Association for Continence. While incontinence can be treated and improved for individual patients, the daily management, care, and clean up puts demands on caregivers and staff. With the right continence care products and supplies, you can reduce staff time spent on laundry and cleaning, and help protect patients from skin damage and treatments.


Underpads are absorbent cloth protectors with leak-resistant backing. Ideal for use on beds, furniture, or on wheelchairs, they are available in various sizes, and can be reusable or disposable. Shop Underpads

Mattress Protectors

Waterproof mattress protectors help keep urine from absorbing into the bed, and makes clean up easier for staff. Using vinyl protectors to preserve furniture and mattresses helps keep beds, and equipment in good condition. Shop Mattress Protectors

Protective Underwear

Available in different sizes for adults, protective underwear or absorbent briefs from brands like Attends, Prevail, and Nu-Fit, are designed for comfort and skin health. Disposal and reusable options help absorb urine, control odor, and allow some residents freedom to participate in usual activities. Shop Briefs & Underwear

Protective Underwear

To prevent skin damage, it is important that patients gently wash immediately after an incontinent incident. Disposable moistened wipes, and washcloths are a must on every facility's checklist. Shop Wipes