When looking to replace or install new flooring, you may want to consider a sustainable or eco-friendly option, also known as green flooring. Green flooring is typically made from materials that have low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to help indoor air quality, and contain recycled or recyclable material for a smaller carbon footprint. Our ideallygreen initiative helps you identify products that are environmentally preferable to help increase efficiencies and save money.

Green Flooring Options

Green flooring may be a great choice for your property, and you want to choose a material that fits your décor, durability needs and budget. We offer top brands like Earthwerks, Shaw, and Armstrong, for sustainable flooring choices.

Other options include:

  • Bamboo: Similar to wood in look and durability, but is faster-growing and more sustainable than hardwood
  • Concrete: Can be stained and textured to match your style
  • Cork: Renewable resource made from the bark of cork oak trees
  • Linoleum: Biodegradable and durable
  • Stone: Long-lasting to reduce carbon footprints
  • Tile: Nontoxic and hypoallergenic

Green Flooring Maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance is the easiest way to keep great-looking floors.

Tips for regular cleaning:

  • Sweep or dry vacuum to remove all dust and loose debris
  • Use a neutral cleanser, properly diluted and a damp mop
  • Rise off cleaning agents with a clean, damp mop, and allow floor to dry

Do not:

  • Use excess water–it can damage the adhesive bond
  • Use soap-based detergents or abrasive cleaners
  • Leave residue on the floor from cleansers
  • Slide heavy furniture over an unprotected–may cause damage and scratches

Floorscore ® IAQ Certification

Floorscore ® Certification was developed by the Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI) and the Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) to test flooring products for indoor air quality (IAQ) emission requirements. If your flooring products carry the FloorScore ® seal, you know they comply with the VOC emission criteria set by California Section 01350 standard, and will help with cleaner, healthier indoor air quality.