Benefits Of Going Green - Hotels, Motels & Timeshares

HD Supply Facilities Maintenance supports you by offering environmentally preferable products and practices. Our ideallygreen® initiative helps you reduce utility bills by increasing the efficiency of your property, and decrease your environmental impact without negatively impacting guest satisfaction.

We made it easy to shop for environmentally preferable products. Simply search for ideallygreen in the search bar or and look for this icon ideallygreen icon throughout the website and in any of our catalogs to identify sustainable alternatives.

Show Guests Your Ongoing Commitment to Preserving the Environment

With these products and practices, you can make visible upgrades that will easily save money and actively lower your property's environmental impact.

  • Blue recycling bins - Make recycling easy, promote waste reduction, and prevent the mixing of trash with recyclable materials.
  • Dual flush system - A highly visible upgrade, a dual flush system allows retrofitted toilets to flush effectively and use up to 45% less water.
  • Linen reuse program - By having a program in place and displaying a card in each bathroom, you are telling guests that you care about conservation.
  • Use lighting occupancy sensors in public bathrooms, gyms, and public spaces to reduce energy consumption by up to 50%.
  • Switch to drought-resistant native landscaping to cut watering costs.
  • Purchase energy-efficient ENERGY STAR® appliances and HVAC equipment, which use less energy than the standard models.

HD Supply Value LED Light Bulb

ideallygreen iconSave on energy costs by swapping out incandescent bulbs with low-energy LEDs.

13 watts and
average life of 30,000 hours

65 watts and
average life of 2,000 hours