Emergency preparedness standards are constantly changing. As a country, we continue to redefine excellence by finding new ways to safeguard our aging population.

New legislation in California is causing senior living facilities across the country to re-evaluate their preparedness.

California Assembly Bill No. 3098 places a number of requirements on senior living communities in the state, but one item has received a significant amount of attention, partially because it requires an expenditure. Communities are required to have an evacuation chair at each stairwell by July 1, 2019.

During an emergency, state and federal emergency management agencies have plans to assist in the event of a disaster. The reality is their assistance is not guaranteed. In 2018, wildfires in California moved so quickly that many communities were forced to evacuate with no outside support.

An evacuation chair can be a valuable tool when seconds count.

Evacuation chairs use friction tracks and braking systems to ensure all residents, regardless of their physical capabilities, can quickly evacuate. There are two models to choose from: Evacuscape EC1 and Evacuascape EC2.

These products go a long way to create piece of mind for a senior living community and ensure all residents can be properly assisted in an emergency.