Extreme cold, winter storms, deep snow, and ice can seriously impact cities and businesses, knocking out power and heat services for hours or sometimes days. You want to prepare now, before a winter storm moves in. Have an emergency plan in place and the right emergency supplies on hand.

Winter Storm Prepare Winter Storm Respond Winter Storm Recover


Stock up on essential emergency supplies that will help you during extreme winter weather. In addition to the basic supplies like batteries and flashlights, you'll need snow removal supplies, like ice melt, snow blowers, snow shovels, and even portable heaters. HD Supply has thousands of products to help you prepare for winter storms.


Staying warm and indoors is most important during severe winter weather, but your facility may suffer effects of the cold. Have plenty of warm blankets, and use electric portable heaters as needed. Pipe insulation can help keep water pipes from freezing which can result in major damage and repair costs.

According to OSHA, during a winter storm warning or a blizzard warning you should:

  • Stay indoors and off the roads
  • Conserve fuel by closing off unnecessary areas of the building
  • Listen to a radio for weather updates and emergency information
  • Maintain ventilation when using gas powered generators to avoid build up of toxic fumes


Once the storm has passed, you may need to do some clean up and repair to your property. Check your foundation and roof for any damage and use roof repair to seal and patch any trouble areas. Use snow removal tools to clear walkways of snow and ice. Be aware that collected snow will melt, and you may have an issue with mud around your property. Use entry mats to help avoid slippery conditions.