You can order blinds, mini-blinds, vertical blinds, and roller shades to be cut to the exact size you need. Window coverings that can be custom cut will have a Customize This Item option.

Ordering Custom-Cut Blinds or Shades

Customize this Item

To start the process:

  • Select Customize This Item from the product category listing or product detail pages.

Under "Measurement Of", choose Blind Size or Window Opening.

  • Select Blind Size if you know the exact size of the blind or roller shade you need. (For example, if you are ordering replacement blinds or roller shades.)
  • Select Window Opening if you are providing the dimensions of the window. We will calculate the blind size you need.
  • Enter the width and length in inches.

If you select Window Opening under "Measurement Of", you will need to also select the mounting type—inside mount or outside mount.

  • Inside mount: The blinds will attach inside the window frame, covering the glass.
  • Outside mount: The blinds attach on the window frame/molding.
Customize blinds

Use the notes field to add any information you may need later; this note will stay with the customized product.

Update the quantity of customized blinds and roller shades needed and select Add to Cart to complete the customization.

Please note: There may be a service fee for customized items. Custom-cut items are nonreturnable.

Inside Mount

How To Measure For Inside Mount

  1. Width: Measure the exact distance across the window from the inside edge in at least three places. Use the narrowest dimension.
  2. Height: Measure the exact distance from the top inside edge of the frame in at least three places. Use the longest dimension.

Outside Mount

How To Measure For Outside Mount

  1. Width: Measure the exact distance from the outside edge of the left side of the window frame to the outside edge of the right side of the window frame. An overlap of at least 1-1/2" for horizontal mini blinds is recommended.
  2. Height: Measure the exact distance from the top outside edge of the window frame to the bottom outside edge of the frame. For complete privacy, an overlap of at least 3" for horizontal blinds is recommended.

Tips To Get The Most Accurate Measurement:

  • Use a steel tape measure
  • Measure width first (in inches) and write it down, then measure length (in inches)
  • Measure to the nearest 1/4 inch
  • Do not take your own deductions
  • Double-check all measurements

Reorders Made Easy

For easy and fast reorders of your custom-cut blinds, add them to a Saved List. Once you have completed your customization, choose Add to Saved List and your customized item can be saved to a new or an existing list.

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Custom Cut Blinds Help Video

Watch this short video to see how to enter information needed for custom cut window coverings.

Download or print this one-page PDF flyer with tips for ordering custom cut window coverings.