Safety is the top priority when it comes to residents, guests, and staff. If you put the right processes and controls in place, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) says you can help avoid injuries, illnesses, and incidents, while minimizing or eliminating safety risks.

To effectively control and prevent hazards, OSHA says employers should:

  1. Identify options to address potential hazards
  2. Select the best safety option
  3. Develop and update a hazard control plan
  4. Select controls to protect workers during non-routine operations and emergencies
  5. Implement selected controls in the workplace
  6. Follow up to confirm that controls are effective

As part of its education efforts, every year OSHA puts out a list of the most frequently cited violations of their standards. Complying with OSHA standards can make a big difference in the health of your staff, and help you avoid costly fines. We've got some tips to help you stay in compliance for around $100—a fraction of what a citation may cost.

Do The Math

OSHA States:

For Serious, Other-Than-Serious, and Posting Requirements violations, the maximum penalty is $13,260 per violation.

For Failure to Abate violations, the maximum penalty is $13,260 per day beyond the abatement date.

For Willful or Repeated violations, the maximum penalty is $132,598 per violation.


According to the 2018 OSHA citations, lockout/tagout is the fifth-most-common citation (OSHA 1910.147). This standard was designed to protect the employee in the event systems unexpectedly release electricity while being serviced or repaired. The standard says that any maintenance performed that involves live electricity, pressurized air, or confined water must be controlled by locking out and tagging the source.
Lockout/Tagout can be easily addressed with a focus on abiding by the standard, a little bit of training, and a small investment. A few options:
  • Brady Economy Lockout Kit (300570)
  • Brady Personal Basic Lockout Kit (300574)

Having posters and signage available for your staff reinforces adherence to the standard and keeps staff knowledgeable.

In addition, HD Supply Facilities Maintenance offers video training which can be purchased to supplement any internal training initiatives.

Respiratory Protection

Not following the guidelines for respirator protection (OSHA 1910.134) is the fourth-most-common citation. According to the standard, employers should make every effort to provide an environment free of airborne contaminants. When that can't be done, they must provide employees with respirators to ensure a safe and healthy environment.
Make sure there are enough masks available for your staff. Also, continue to place signage in your community so your staff are up to date and aware of the safety standard. A few options:
  • 3M Half Face Respirator (641527)
  • 3M N-95 Disposable Mask (641523)

HD Supply Facilities Maintenance also offers training videos which can be purchased to supplement your education efforts.

Creating a safe environment doesn't have to be expensive. Once you understand the OSHA requirements, you can easily find affordable options to keep your employees safe. They'll appreciate the emphasis on their safety—and you'll stay in compliance. Get in touch with your local HD Supply Facilities Maintenance representative today so we can help you prepare.


Small Solutions for Big Fines: Compliance for Around $100