With so many great features, finishes, and styles, choosing new kitchen faucets is no small task. If you are updating the faucets on your property, or selecting new faucets as part of a renovation, you want to consider the number of mounting holes, application, handle style, accessories, finish and style preference.

Kitchen Faucet Mounting Holes

Mounting Holes

When replacing a kitchen faucet on an existing sink, you need to know how many mounting holes you have—typically one to four holes. Not all kitchen faucets and kitchen sinks are compatible. The handle style and faucet shape must match the holes in your sink. If you are installing a new kitchen sink and faucet, you have freedom to choose the faucet style.

Faucet Styles & Handles

Faucet Handles

There are endless options available when choosing a kitchen faucet. You may want a traditional two-handle faucet or the sleek look of a single handle pull down or pull out faucet.

  • Pull down faucets have a spray hose that is designed to pull down into the sink. It typically has a taller spout and a single handle to adjust both cold and hot water.
  • Pull out faucets have a spray hose that pulls out of the spout and can be aimed in various directions. The spout is a shorter style and water flow is controlled by a single handle.
  • Two handle faucets are available with or without separate side sprayers and accessories. They come in a variety of styles and finishes, allowing you more control over hot and cold water flow. These styles require three mounting holes or more if sprayer and accessories are included.
  • Touchless kitchen faucets use a motion sensors to turn on and off water. This electric type of faucet conserves water and is considered more hygienic.


The escutcheon, or deck plate at the base of your faucet, can add a polished look to your faucets and sink. They come in different finishes and shapes to match your various kitchen fixtures. They are sold individually or can be included with the faucet. If you need to cover any unused mounting holes in the kitchen sink, you will want to use an escutcheon.