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Many residents at your senior living community may not have access to a cell phone. They depend on you to provide easy-to-use, in-room telephones that are designed to handle emergency, personal, and administrative communications.

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Ten Reasons To Provide Cetis® In-Room Phones

  1. Easier for residents to connect with family, friends, and staff
  2. Fast access to emergency help (911 operator knows caller's location)
  3. In-room phone service may help increase rent revenue
  4. Program direct-dial housekeeping and maintenance services
  5. Share prerecorded messages (announcements, menus, activities)
  6. Room-to-room dialing encourages communication between residents
  7. Hearing aid-compatible
  8. Economically priced to reduce turnover costs
  9. Standardized sets are easier and less expensive to maintain
  10. Custom faceplates provide facility information (room number, address, dialing instructions)

About Cetis® Phones

Cetis® healthcare phones are preferred by senior living communities, hospitals, and long-term care communities worldwide. Choose from a variety of wall and desk phone designs and configurations for resident rooms, administrative offices, common areas, and emergency applications.