You have hundreds of light bulbs to choose from, consider shapes, sizes, brands, and type. With so many bulb types available, how can you be sure the new replacement bulbs are exactly the same as the old ones?

Fortunately, there is a code printed on the bulb that gives you all the information you need. Knowing what the letters and numbers mean helps you quickly identify the different types of bulbs on your property and easily locate replacements.

The Manufacturer Number is the code number used by vendors to identify the bulb (i.e. 21781, S5856, 4892330K). You can often find this number on invoices, lamp lists, and order forms. It is also known as the NAED number. The Lighting Ordering Code is the series of letters, numbers, and dashes that provides bulb specification details (i.e. F32T8/TL841/ALTO). Look for this number imprinted on the bulb.