Beyond Paint

Easy Application.
Exceptional Coverage.

Beyond Paint® is an all-in-one bonder/primer/finisher formulated for cabinets, furniture, countertops, vanities, doors, accessories, and more. The formula, which includes sealer, helps save apartment properties money on turns and also gives hotels the added durability needed for high-traffic environments. Application is quick and simple, and no stripping, sanding, or priming is required.

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The Beyond Paint® Difference

Beyond Paint® is specially formulated to make refinishing faster and easier. Unlike regular paint, Beyond Paint® features advanced nanotechnology for easy application and exceptional coverage. You'll get beautiful results in less time, with less effort, and for less money.

Painting Cabinets

Cabinet makeovers just got easier. Two coats of Beyond Paint® is all it takes to get a durable, professional-grade finish with no roller marks. Stop replacing cabinets—transform them with Beyond Paint®.

About Beyond Paint®

Beyond Paint® offers an innovative refinishing solution that's formulated with the newest and most advanced technologies. Beyond Paint® bonds to virtually any surface with minimal prep work to help you save time and money on any refinishing project, big or small.