3 Tips For A Successful Student Housing Turns Season

With the summer months soon upon us, now is the time to prepare your property for a successful student housing turns season. And by taking advantage of U.S. Communities' contract with HD Supply Facilities Maintenance, you can save time and reduce costs associated with obtaining quotes and preparing bids, thereby giving both you and your staff more resources to accomplish your daily work. Here's how.

  1. Evaluate Early

    Timing is key when it comes to student housing turns. There's often only a matter of weeks to inspect, repair, clean and prepare housing units for the next wave of students. But, if you begin planning in late winter or early spring, then your unit turns will unfold far more smoothly.

    So use these months leading up to the busy, summer season to inspect units and identify any items that may be in need of repairing or updating. Start at the front door and work your way through the entire unit, inspecting everything room by room. To make the turns process faster, easier and more efficient, use our Student Housing Turns Checklist to help your team stay organized and on task. Keep in mind that turns are also a smart time to "go green" with updated LED bulbs and fixtures, water-saving faucets and toilets and other ecofriendly products.

  2. Keep Costs Low

    Keeping costs low should be a key objective in turning units. The contract between HD Supply Facilities Maintenance and U.S. Communities ensures that you receive very competitive pricing on thousands of the products needed for property turns. Participating agencies are able to take advantage of cost-saving benefits like our tiered rebate and an early pay invoice discount†. There are no minimumquantity requirements or spend limits associated with using HD Supply's program, and we also offer free, next-day delivery on most orders to most areas of the continental U.S.

  3. Trust Reliable Resources

    Most properties today are spread too thin, which makes having a reliable labor partner with valuable service offerings more important than ever. Trust HD Supply Facilities Maintenance to be your single source provider of dependable MRO product and labor services, delivering high-quality and cost-effective solutions to the challenges your property faces. We offer general contracting and competitively awarded labor services for the on-demand installation of HVAC and flooring products, as well as handle all your interior renovations and major Property Improvement projects. All of our contractors are licensed and insured, an they've passed background checks as well. As an HD Supply Facilities Maintenance customer, you don't pay more to use our network of carefully screened installation experts.

So make the most of the months ahead – and of U.S. Communities' contract with HD Supply Facilities Maintenance – to have the most successful turns season in your student housing property's history.

Published on USC Communities, usc.org | March 22, 2018

†U.S. Communities accounts are set up with Net 30 payment terms. Agencies must opt in to receive 2% 10-day, Net 30 payment terms by contacting Account Services at [email protected].

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