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General Electric Door Hinge Kit For Refrigerator, Part #wr13x10020

Part 558005
Brand GE
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About this item

  • This General Electric Door Hinge Kit For Refrigerator is compatible with General Electric, Hotpoint, Kenmore, RCA brands. Part #wr13x10020 replaces PS290199, WR13X508, WR13X658, WR13X575, WR13X727, WR13X615, WR13X657, WR13X750, WR13X576, WR13X742, WR13X728, WR13X526, WR13X741, WR13X614, WR13X5122, WR13X5125, WR13X5127, WR02X4539, WR13X497, WR13X498, WR13X523, WR13X0497, WR13X0498, WR13X0508, WR13X0523, WR13X735, WR13X736, WR13X0575, WR13X0576, WR13X751, WR13X0614, WR13X0615, WR13X0657, WR13X0658, WR13X0727, WR13X0728, WR13X0735, WR13X0736, WR13X0741, WR13X0742, WR13X0750, WR13X0751, WR02X6189, WR2X4539, WR49X5099, WR2X6189, 2236, AP2063068. This part supports the door of the refrigerator and helps it pivot open and closed. This Bottom Hinge Kit comes with both cam risers, and the mounting screw hole gap is 1-1/8th inch apart.
  • Mfg #WR13X10020