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Ultralast™ #BATT-ER1 3.6V Cordless Phone Battery
Part 191122
Brand Ultralast
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About this item

  • Ultralast™ 3.6 Volt Replacement Cordless Phone Battery, Replacement Sony Bp-t18 Cordless Phone Battery Offers The Long Life And Consistently Reliable Performance You Need To Get The Most Out Of Your Cordless Phone. Nickel Cadmium Batteries Power Your Phone So That EVery Call Will Be ReceiVed With Crisp Clear Signal Without Fear Of A Dying Batteries.
  • Works with Maxell MCP3651, Panasonic KX-FPC165, Panasonic KX-TC1400, Panasonic KX-TC1416B, Panasonic KX-TC1450, Panasonic KX-TC1460B, Panasonic KX-TC1460W, Panasonic KX-TC1481B, Panasonic KX-TC1484B, Panasonic KX-TC1700, Panasonic KX-TC1701, Panasonic KX-TC1710, Panasonic KX-TC1743B, Panasonic KX-TC1743W, Panasonic KX-TCM939, Panasonic KX-TG2593B, Radio Shack 43-1099, Radio Shack ET 918, Sanyo CLT 880, Sony SPP-940, Sony SPP-977, Sony SPP-A1050, Sony SPP-A1070, Sony SPP-A1075, Sony SPP-A946, Sony SPP-A948, Sony SPP-ER1, Sony SPP-ER101, Sony SPP-N1020, Sony SPP-N1025, Sony SPP-N933, Toshiba FD-4809, Toshiba FD-9839, Toshiba FD-9859, Toshiba FD-9859BK, Toshiba FT-8006A, Toshiba FT-8009, Toshiba FT-8009BK, Toshiba FT-8259, Toshiba FT-8259BK, Toshiba FT-8507BK, Toshiba FT-8509, Toshiba FT-8809, Toshiba FT-8859, Toshiba FT-8859BK, Toshiba FT-8906, Toshiba FT-8906A-BK, Toshiba FT-8906BK, Toshiba FT-8939, Toshiba FT-8939BK, Toshiba FT-8959, Toshiba FT-8959BK, Toshiba FT-8989, Toshiba FT-8989BK, Toshiba RC004931, Toshiba SG1700, Uniden EX-LI8962, Uniden DXAI5688-2, Uniden DXAI5688-3, Uniden DXAI5688-4, Uniden DXI5686-2, Uniden DXI5686-3, Uniden DXI5686-3T, Uniden DXI5686-3TA, Uniden DXI8560-2, Uniden E21996, Uniden EHD1200GB, Uniden EP-200, Uniden EX-915, Uniden EX-925, Uniden EX-945, Uniden EX-965, Uniden EXA12980, Uniden EX-A2950, Uniden EX-A2955, Uniden EX-A3955, Uniden EX-A7950, Uniden EX-A8955, Uniden EX-A915, Uniden EX-A918, Uniden EX-A950, Uniden EX-AI2980, Uniden EX-AI2980i, Uniden EX-AI398, Uniden EX-AI398i, Uniden EXAI5680, Uniden EX-AI7980, Uniden EXAI8580, Uniden E

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