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Ultralast™ #BATT-6010 2.4V Cordless Phone Battery
Part 191115
Brand Ultralast
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About this item

  • Ultralast™ 2.4 Volt 750 mAh Replacement Cordless Phone Battery
  • 2.4 volt 750 mAh replacement cordless phone battery.
  • Meets or exceeds original manufacturer specifications.
  • Comparable standby and talk time to original battery.
  • Works with Amplicom Powertel 500, AT&T SL80108, AT&T SL81108, AT&T SL81208, AT&T SL82118, AT&T SL82208, AT&T SL82218, AT&T SL82308, AT&T SL82318, AT&T SL82408, AT&T SL82418, AT&T SL82518, AT&T SL82558, AT&T SL82618, AT&T SL82658, AT&T TL92278, AT&T TL92328, AT&T TL92378.
  • Works with Clarity 50613.002, Clarity CLAR50613, Clarity D603, Clarity D613, Clarity D613C, General Electric 2-7902, General Electric 2-7909, General Electric 2-7909EE1, General Electric 2-7911, General Electric 2-8203EE1, General Electric 2-8223, General Electric2-8223EE2.
  • Works with General Electric 2-8223EE3, General Electric 2-8811, General Electric 5-2840, Lucent Technologies SL80108, Lucent Technologies SL8110 Lucent Technologies SL81208, Lucent Technologies SL82118, Lucent Technologies SL82208, Lucent Technologies SL82218, Lucent Technologies SL82308.
  • Works with Lucent Technologies SL82408, Lucent Technologies SL82418, Lucent Technologies SL82518, Lucent Technologies SL82558, Lucent Technologies SL82618, Lucent Technologies SL82658, Lucent Technologies TL92278, Lucent Technologies TL92328, Lucent Technologies TL92378.
  • Works with Motorola L301, Motorola L302, Motorola L303, Motorola L304, Motorola L305, Motorola L4, Radio Shack 43-0267, Radio Shack 43-205, Radio Shack 43-206, Radio Shack 43-315, Radio Shack 43-319, Uniden DECT 6 3000 Series, Uniden DECT3080-2, Uniden DECT6 3000 Series VTech 6010, VTech 6030.
  • Works with VTech 6031, VTech 6032, VTech 6041, VTech 6042, VTech 6043, VTech 6051, VTech 6052, VTech 6053, VTech 831, VTech CS6209, VTech CS6219, VTech CS6219-2, VTech CS6228-3, VTech CS6228-5, VTechCS6228-6, VTech CS6229, VTech CS6229-2, VTech CS6229-3 VTech CS6229-4, VTech CS6229-5.
  • Works with VTe

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