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Ultralast™ 3.6 Volt 800 mAh Replacement Cordless Phone Battery
Part 191113
Brand Ultralast
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About this item

  • Ultralast™ 3.6V 800 Mah Nimh Replacement Cordless Phone Battery Power Your Phone So That EVery Call Will Be ReceiVed With Crisp Clear Signal Without Fear Of A Dying Batteries.
  • Works with Radio Shack 43-3898, Uniden DCT646, Uniden DCT646-2, Uniden DCT646-3, Uniden DCT6465, Uniden DCT6465-2, Uniden DCT648, Uniden DCT648-2, Uniden DCT648-3, Uniden DCT6485, Uniden DCT6485-2, Uniden DCT6485-3, Uniden DCT746M, Uniden DCT748-2, Uniden DCT748-4, Uniden DCT7488, Uniden DCT7488-2, Uniden DCX640, Uniden DCX700, Uniden DCX730, Uniden TCX580, Uniden TCX800, Uniden TCX805, Uniden TCX860, Uniden TCX905, Uniden TCX930, Uniden TRU-446, Uniden TRU446-2, Uniden TRU-446-2, Uniden TRU4465, Uniden TRU4465-2, Uniden TRU448, Uniden TRU448-2, Uniden TRU4485, Uniden TRU4485-2, Uniden TRU5860, Uniden TRU5860-2, Uniden TRU5865, Uniden TRU5865-2, Uniden TRU5885, Uniden TRU5885-2, Uniden TRU8860, Uniden TRU8860-2, Uniden TRU8865-2, Uniden TRU8866, Uniden TRU8880, Uniden TRU8880-2, Uniden TRU8885, Uniden TRU8885-2, Uniden TRU8885-3, Uniden TRU8888, Uniden TRU9360-2, Uniden TRU9380, Uniden TRU9380-2, Uniden TRU9380-3, Uniden TRU9380-4, Uniden TRU9385, Uniden TRU9385-2, Uniden TRU9460, Uniden TRU9460-2, Uniden TRU9465, Uniden TRU9485, Uniden TRU9485-2, Uniden TRU9485-3, Uniden TRU9488, Uniden TRU9496, Uniden TRU9565-2, Uniden TRU958, Uniden TRU9585-2, Uniden TWX977, Uniden TXC-400, Uniden TXC580, Uniden WXI477, Uniden TRU-2HS, Radio Shack 4303529, Radio Shack 4303815, Radio Shack 4303538, Radio Shack 4303598, Radio Shack 4303898, Radio Shack 4303597
  • Equivalent to Empire CPH-488B, Energizer ER-P512, GE/Sanyo PC3F02, General Electric TL26402, GP 80AAALH3BMZ, GP GP80AAALH3BMX, GP GP80AAALH3BMZ, Jasco TL96402, Philips SJB5191, Radio Shack 23-0961, Radio Shack 23-961, Radio Shack 23-993, Radio Shack 43-3581, Uniden BBTY0457001, Uniden BT1005, Uniden BT-1005, Uniden BT-105, Uniden BT-446, Enercell 2300156
  • Mfg #BATT-446

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