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A Cost-Effective, More Efficient Chemical Program

From laundry to warewash and cleaning chemicals, Diversey delivers best-in-class performance while helping you maintain cost-effective, sustainable and efficient operations. Diversey's laundry and warewash chemicals are designed to reduce rewashing to save time and cost. Ensure consistency and safety in cleaning with Diversey chemicals that have fixed dilutions.*

Why Diversey Should Be Your Cleaning Solution

Diversey is a market leader for the healthcare industry, with products that are designed for use in healthcare facilities.

Diversey's cleaning chemical dilution and dispensing systems automatically deliver accurate amounts of cleaning chemicals, saving time and reducing waste. The dispensers are easy to use, safe for staff, and better for the environment.

  • • Free dispenser system, installation, and setup
  • • Free scheduled service by a qualified technician
  • • Enhanced product performance and lower usage costs
  • • Cost-analysis tools to support cost-control management
  • • No minimum order requirement
  • • One supplier, one invoice – with fulfillment through HD Supply

A Simplified Solution For All Areas Of Your Property


  • • Achieve consistent, superior cleaning results that exceed expectations with the Diversey RoomCare system and tools
  • • Increase worker safety with the J-Fill® QuattroSelect® dispensing system


  • • Extend the lifespan of your linen
  • • Implement best-practice procedural laundry systems
  • • Reduce operational costs by lowering electricity and water use while improving laundry capacity


  • • Draw on more than 100 years of experience in floor and surface care applications and products
  • • Implement sustainable cleaning processes while reducing cleaning costs


  • • Deliver safety, simplicity, and effi ciency for your staff
  • • Collaborate with Diversey experts for continuous improvement
  • • Protect the reputation of your property with Diversey Food Safety consultancy services

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Orders less than $50 are subject to a $10 handling fee.