COVID-19 Update

We Are Here To Help During COVID-19

COVID-19 Protocols

As an "essential business service" HD Supply remains operational in all locations to serve our customers. All associates including our drivers, warehouse associates and office-based associates are adhering to all safety guidelines outlined by the CDC. Here are the specific measures we have implemented to keep our team, our customers and our communities safe during this time:

Inventory Levels

We are proud to offer next-day delivery on most orders to most areas. Our early actions, speed and supplier relationships have allowed us to plan ahead responding quickly to industry impacts. In the near term, top-mount refrigerators, disinfecting wipes, and select PPE products may see delays beyond our standard delivery window due to industry-wide constraints across the globe. We remain committed to being proactive and working with our suppliers to secure necessary inventory levels, and have also identified alternative options and recommendations, so you can get what you need quickly.


We are here to serve our customers when, where and how they need. Below are the various safety protocols in place for safe deliveries:

  • • Our trucks are thoroughly sanitized multiple times per day and we have equipped our delivery drivers with hand sanitizer for frequent use between delivery stops.
  • • Our delivery drivers and warehouse associates receive temperature checks every day prior to their shift.
  • • Face masks are provided and required for drivers and warehouse associates.
  • • Where possible, drivers are assigned to the same loading dock and delivery vehicle each day.
  • • If customers are not comfortable handling the hand-held signature device when accepting a delivery, our drivers are happy to offer an alternative, hands-free solution. Please ask!

Customer Guidelines & Restrictions

We are here to serve our customers when, where and how they need.

  • If your property is fully quarantined and cannot accept deliveries ... our delivery drivers will not attempt delivery. If you still need to receive packages, please contact Customer Care at 1.800.431.3000 or your local sales representative to coordinate an alternative means for us to deliver to you.

  • If your property has implemented visitor restrictions or special delivery guidelines ... please alert your sales representative or delivery driver. We are happy to adhere to any safety measures you have implemented.

On-Site Service

Our sales team will conduct on-site service only if:

  1. 1. They received clearance from the customer.
  2. 2. The service can be completed while abiding by ALL requirements outlined by the customer.

While on-site, our sales associates are required to wear face masks and any other PPE required by the customer. Our sales associates have also received sanitizer to be used before and after on-site service.

Status Updates: HD Supply Operations

Should HD Supply’s operations be impacted in a given area due to government mandates, all impacted customers will be promptly notified and advised of a contingency plan for continued service.

A Message To Our Community

The health and safety of our associates, customers, and communities are our highest priorities at HD Supply. Like many of you, we are continuously monitoring the latest on the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak as reported by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

First and foremost, it is important to us that you know our promise to support you and your properties continues to stand firm. While we are all navigating an unprecedented situation, our team has been diligently and proactively taking the necessary steps to remain in a position to serve you since we first learned of the COVID-19 outbreak in China.

Below are the actions we have taken to date to ensure the personal safety of our associates and customers, as well as the continuity of all business operations.

Business Readiness Team:

We have a dedicated, cross-functional business readiness team that continues to plan for and address operational impacts due to COVID-19.

Inventory Levels:

We continue to take action to maintain healthy inventory levels. We are working closely with suppliers to help prevent any potential production delays – including increasing our stocked inventory and diversifying our supplier base – to support this effort. Again, we can assure you that we have been actively preparing for direct impacts at all levels of severity since COVID-19 was first reported in China in order to mitigate service interruptions to our customers.

Dynamic Service:

The CDC recognizes that different parts of the country are experiencing varying levels of COVID-19 activity. We are committed to servicing you in whatever manner you need or is mandated by officials. Our nationwide network of distribution centers, as well as our various service channels – from Sales reps to Customer Care agents to our website – are all set up to remain active in various scenarios. This affords us the ability to serve you where, when, and how you need it.

Health Guidance:

We are closely monitoring exposure and outbreaks in all communities where we operate and are actively adhering to CDC guidance on proper quarantine and social distancing measures at levels pursuant with local mandates. Additionally, we will honor all guidelines and restrictions your company has implemented to protect your employees. Please let us know how we can best service you. At HD Supply specifically, we have implemented a heightened cleaning protocol across all our facilities, including on our delivery trucks.

As always, we are committed to serving you and will continue to provide additional information should circumstances change significantly.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact HD Supply Customer Care at [email protected].

Thank you for your business, and please stay safe.

We Are Here To Help During COVID-19

Brad Paulsen

President, HD Supply Facilities Maintenance