Swimming pools are one of the most desired amenities. A well-maintained and inviting pool or spa offers a chance to relax, exercise, and play. With proper care and attention, your pool or spa can become your property's best asset.

10 Tips For A More Inviting Pool

1. Regular Skimming

Spending a few minutes a day with a pool skimmer or cleaning basket will greatly improve the health of your pool. Use the pool skimmer to collect any debris like leaves, twigs, bugs, gum wrappers, etc. that have blown into your pool. This will help keep debris out of filters and keep water clear. Also, if you keep long-handled skimmers available and easy to reach, some swimmers may even clean the water themselves.

2. Brush & Vacuum

Every week, pool water should be vacuumed and surfaces should be cleaned with soft brushes. Vacuuming helps keep water clean and clear, which means less chlorine and chemicals. Algae and mildew can grow on pool walls and tiles. Cleaning with a pool brush or pumice stone once a week helps keep fungus from forming. Be sure to use cleaning brushes that are specifically for pools to avoid scratches and damage.

3. Maintain pH Levels

A sparkling clear pool shows your commitment to quality and cleanliness. Have a testing kit on hand to check pool chlorine levels daily. Have a ready supply of pool chemicals to use as needed. Track pool maintenance with a pool operations log to better predict your seasonal needs for pool chemicals.

4. Clean Pool Filters

The pool filter works hard to remove particles and debris from your pool. Regularly check the filters, especially during peak use. Clean and replace filters as needed. A clogged filter won't effectively clean the pool water.

5. Keep Pools Full

During swimming season, water levels in your pools can decrease due to splashing, skimming, and evaporation. Replace lost water to keep your pool full. If water levels get too low, the pump and filters could be affected.

6. Secure Your Pool

Make everyone feel safe with controlled access to your pool and recreation areas. Be sure fences and gates meet safety requirements and regulations for your region. Use a pool pass program with custom pool passes so only authorized users are enjoying your amenities.

7. Put Safety First

Stay in compliance with local and state laws. Use stock and semi-custom pool & spa signs to display pool rules, hours, and warnings. Help prevent accidents before they happen by providing safety equipment, such as slip-resistant mats, life rings, and pool handrail covers. This helps keep swimmers safe and liability low. Having the right pool safety equipment should be part of your year-round pool maintenance program.

8. Update Outdoor Pool Furniture

Turn your pool area into a relaxing oasis. Replace old or outdated tables, chairs, umbrellas, and chaise lounges with new and comfortable pool furniture that is durable and maintenance-free.

9. Host Or Allow Parties

Scheduling swim parties is common, but you can also use the pool area to host an elegant cocktail party, a wacky luau, a weekend movie night, or other fun events. Having fun-filled activities around the pool will engage your guests and residents, making your property more desirable.

10. Winterize Your Pool

In regions where temperatures drop below freezing in winter, it's important to winterize your pool once swimming season has ended. Water left in pipes, pumps, and filters can freeze and cause damage. Take care to drain water from pipes, filters, and heaters. Use a shop vac or air compressor to blow water out of the pool's plumbing to prepare for winter.

Before closing up for the season, clean the pool thoroughly with brushes and pool vacuums and drain the pool so the water level is below the plumbing line and skimmer. Balance the water and cover the pool to keep out debris.

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