Importance of Pool Passes

Pool Pass Program

Your pool, spa, gym, and recreational areas are not for everyone's use. Control access to pools and spas to keep everyone safe and your amenities clean. Unauthorized guests can be disrespectful to your property and to people who have rights to the pool and/or spa.

Use pool and recreation passes to provide security and safety for your facility while limiting the use of these amenities to only authorized residents and guests.

An effective pool pass program helps you keep record of pool usage and maintain pool safety.

Selecting the right pool pass for your facility is easy. Consider various styles, from temporary pool passes to custom passes printed with your property logo.

4 Tips to Creating Your Own Pool Passes:

Pool Pass Program
  1. Customize with Your Logo
    Customize your pool passes with your words and logo that are unique to your property and easy for staff to recognize.
  2. Use Numbers
    A numbering system helps you identify users and keep track of all the pool passes you've issued. Numbers can be random or sequential.
  3. Add an Expiration Date
    Pool passes shouldn't last forever. Issue new passes annually to improve security and prevent abuse.
  4. Color Code Passes
    Issue different color passes to residents and/or guests to make identification easy, or color code passes for different amenities. For example, use red for the gym and tennis courts, and blue for your pool and spa.

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