Student Housing Turns Guide

Turns season is an opportunity to give properties a face-lift. Unlike conventional multifamily unit turns, which can occur throughout the year, student unit turns typically take place all at once, when the majority of residents leave at the end of the school year. With budget constraints and a limited window of time before students return, maintenance teams must focus on planning and coordination. That's where help from a single-source product and service supplier can be valuable. HD Supply can assist with the full scope of work required for budget management and efficiency. Use our convenient Student Turns Checklist to make the turns process faster, easier, and more efficient.


Avoid big bathroom repairs by prepping bathrooms and plumbing during turns season.


  • Clean showerheads and aerators with CLR or vinegar to minimize mineral buildup
  • Replace toilet flappers to prevent running toilets and save water
  • Check for faucets for drips and replace washers for a watertight seal


Student housing kitchens can be easily updated and refreshed during summer turn projects.



Student housing bedrooms will need maintenance attention to get ready for fall.


General Building Maintenance

Turning individual units is only part of the job. You also want to repair and update common areas in and around the building, including stairwells, hallways, lobbies, and more.


  • Switch to energy-efficient lighting—schedule a free lighting audit to see how your facility can save energy and reduce utility costs
  • Stock up on cleaning products that are safe to use on tile and grout, as well as on carpet, upholstery, and mattresses
  • Repair any paint that is blistering or bubbling by scraping and sanding it smooth and using a primer before repainting

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