HD Supply offers products that conserve energy, increase the efficiency of your property or facility, and can qualify for local utility rebate programs.* This means you get paid to purchase products that lower your utility bills, help the environment, and generate a strong return on investment (ROI).

With HD Supply, qualifying for utility rebates is easy. Contact your local HD Supply sales representative or the Utility Rebate Team at [email protected] for assistance in finding products that qualify for rebates in your market.

Energy Efficient Faucet

These are the advantages in upgrading to more sustainable options:

  • • Energy/water efficiency – short term ROI providing long term cost savings.
  • • Labor Savings – longer life products reduce the need for ongoing maintenance.
  • • Environmental Marketing – upgrades will allow you to promote energy/water efficiency as part of your corporate branding.
  • • Maximization of local utility incentives – energy/water efficiency upgrades can offer even shorter ROI time frames by utilizing local utility incentives.**

My Green Team™ also provides full service energy/water survey solutions to show what kind of savings you can achieve. Also, My Green Team™ will assist with all rebate applications to ensure all rebates available are obtained.

Why should you upgrade now:

  • • Incentives are expiring for certain product measures – there will never be a better time to capture energy efficiency rebates than now…
  • • Cost of waiting – future cost of energy and labor increase annually.
  • • Re-allocation of money saved through efficiency upgrades can be used toward other capital improvements
Young Woman Searching On Laptop For Utility Rebates At hdsupplysolutions.com

*To qualify for incentives, program specification and requirements may apply. Rebate programs are offered by the local utility company and are subject to their policies. Eligible products, pricing, and incentives are subject to change. Contact your HD Supply sales representative for confirmation before purchasing.

**Utility incentives in specific markets vary by utility service territory.

*** Pre-approval required for most commercial utility rebates. Contact the Green Team for assistance with obtain rebate Pre-approvals.