For more than 60 years, Lithonia Lighting an Acuity Brands Company has provided the broadest line of commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential lighting fixtures.

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Universally recognized by facility managers, contractors, and end users around the world, Lithonia Lighting is an industry leader. Known for quality, reliability, and performance, Lithonia Lighting offers solutions for both indoor and outdoor environments, including energy-efficient, high performance, and digital lighting solutions.


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Lithonia Lighting LED Fixture Benefits

Lithonia Lighting LED lighting fixtures offer energy savings and powerful light that is precisely distributed where needed. Using Lithonia LED fixtures often reduces energy usage up to 90%. Automatic controls provide light only when it is needed, allowing compliance to new codes and power savings.

Learn more about the benefits of Lithonia Lighting LED bulbs and fixtures by watching these videos or visit our YouTube channel.

LED Lighting from Lithonia Lighting

Discover the many benefits of using Lithonia Lighting LED fixtures over traditional light sources, such as energy savings, maintenance savings, long life, 24-hour operation, and much more.

Lithonia Lighting's LB LED Wrap-Around Lighting Fixture

Learn about Lithonia Lighting's LB LED Wrap-Around fixture which offers lighting similar to the look of your existing fluorescent wrap, but at an affordable price, making the switch to LED lighting an easy one.

Lithonia Lighting's LED Saturn

Discover why Lithonia Lighting's LED Saturn will not only offer a touch of style and provide bright illumination, but also offer you up to 50,000 hours of lighting while using less energy.