HD Supply has the products you need to prepare for and respond to zombie invasions, or any emergency that may affect your facility. Zombies could appear any time of year, regardless of weather or major holidays. If a marauding horde of ravenous, flesh-seeking zombies comes your way, you will need to be ready with supplies.

Zombie Invasion Prepare Zombie Invasion Respond Zombie Invasion Recover


While information on zombie attacks is unconfirmed and fictional, you can prepare as you would for any emergency or disaster, by having the right emergency supplies on hand.

Have a safety and evacuation plan in place and supply kits that include water, blankets, first aid supplies, portable radios with batteries, and don't forget duct tape. Some zombie experts suggest duct tape could be made into armor when facing zombie attacks (in addition to its many other uses).

And every zombie emergency kit needs plenty of zombie repellent.


If you have confirmation of zombies in your immediate area, use extreme caution. Set up some decoy mammals while you make your escape.

  • Have sensible shoes and run for your life
  • Stay quiet–noise attracts them
  • Avoid getting bitten
  • Blunt objects make good weapons against zombies
  • Avoid crowded places


If you have survived a zombie invasion, you and your fellow survivors may need to rebuild civilization. Do us a favor, and try to improve a few things.

For more tips on zombie invasion preparedness check with the Center for Disease Control/CDC.