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Infection Control & Prevention

Long-term and resident care facilities must establish an effective infection control and prevention program according to F-Tag 441 in the CMS State Operations Manual. The Environmental Services and janitorial staff have key supportive roles in the success of any infection control program. These professionals are valuable in-house experts on disinfecting, biohazard and waste management, and environmental conditions.

An effective infection control program requires attention to waste management and hand hygiene.

Waste & Biohazard Management

Reduce the spread of germs by using step cans for hands-free waste disposal and manage the disposal and collection of biohazard waste with biohazard bags, and Sharps containers.

Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene is an important infection control measure for long-term care facilities. By having conveniently-located hand sanitizers, and antibacterial hand soap available, hand hygiene becomes easy, and ensures that hands are cleaned after sneezing, coughing, or touching unsanitary surfaces.

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