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Electrolux Replacement Door Hinge For Freezer, Part# 297321900
Part 375075
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About this item

  • Electrolux Replacement Door Hinge For Freezer is compatible with Frigidaire, Kenmore, Gibson, Kelvinator, Tappan, Westinghouse, Crosley, Uni. Part# 297321900 replaces 06599918, 06599919, 06599920, 08016756, 08017025, 08017026, 1606341, 216035200, 216035201, 216035301, 216035401, 216035500, 216035501, 216035601, 3925006, 3925007, 5303306176, 5303925006, 5303925007, 6599918, 6599919, 6599920, 8016756, 8017025, 8017026, AP4556313, C000460628, C000460630, C000460675, C000460676, F000054545, F0056782-2, F0112551-1, F0126028-2S, F0126028-3S, F0126028-5S, F0126028-6S, F112551-1, F112551-164, F112551-2, F112551250, F112551-250, F112551264, F112551-264, F112551-3, F112551350, F112551-350, F112551-351, F112551364, F112551-364, F112551-4, F112551450, F112551464, F112551-464, F112551-5, F112551-550, F112551-564, F112551-565, F112551-6, F112551-664, F113867-120, F113867-127, F113867-129, F113867-132, F113867-20, F113867-220, F113867-227, F113867-229, F113867-232, F113867-27, F113867-29, F113867-32, F113867-320, F113867-327, F113867-329, F113867-332, F113867-35, F113867-420, F113867-427, F113867-429, F113867-432, F113867-520, F113867-527, F113867-529, F113867-532, F126028, F126028-0264, F126028-0364, F126028-0464, F126028-1, F126028-164, F126028-2, F126028-250, F126028-264, F126028-297, F126028-2P, F126028-2S, F126028-3, F126028-350, F126028-351, F126028-364, F126028-3P, F126028-3S, F126028-450, F126028-464, F126028-4P, F126028-5, F126028-55, F126028-550, F126028-564, F126028-565, F126028-5P, F126028-5S, F126028-6, F126028-650, F126028-664, F126028-697, F126028-698, F126028-6P, F126028-6S, F54545, F56782-2, F95209-16, F95209-20, F95209-24, F95209-25, F95209-27, F95209-28, F95209-29, F95209-30, G144356, G144358, G174952, N3015623, N3015624.
  • Mfg #297321900

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