Learn More About SDS/MSDS

New rules went into effect December 1, 2013, requiring staff to be trained on the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) chemical labeling requirements and safety data sheet format. HD Supply Facilities Maintenance can help you learn about the Globally Harmonized System and how these changes affect you and your employees. Learn More


Federal law requires U.S. employers have Safety Data Sheets, or SDS and MSDS, in the workplace for the specific chemicals they use. The purpose of SDS are to provide employees and emergency workers with detailed safety information and proper handling instructions.

OSHA also requires secondary container labels to identify the chemical and appropriate hazard warnings when chemicals are diluted or transferred into a different container. Preprinted labels for your secondary containers are available free of charge. Learn More

Two Ways to Find an SDS/MSDS:

You will need the product name or HD Supply part number (found on your invoice or packing list).

To find and print an SDS:

  1. Connect to HD Supply's SDS website
    • Fill in the HD Supply part number, product name, or manufacturer, and click the Search icon. Search Icon
    • Find the product and click the "SDS" icon SDS icon to view, download, and print.

  2. Find an SDS/MSDS on the product's detail page:
    • Search the name or HD Supply part number (found on your invoice) to find the product detail page.
    • Look for the SDS/MSDS icon MSDS icon under Product Documentation to view and print the SDS/MSDS
    • Only for current catalog items. For obsolete or special order products use HD Supply's SDS/MSDS website.

Note: Not all products have an SDS. For help finding an SDS, email HD Supply.

Adobe PDF

SDS are Adobe Acrobat PDF files. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader software to view and print.
If needed, download a free version of Adobe.